More Helsinki, please!

Here is the charming view from my cabin before reaching Helsinki in the morning via a ferry called Silja Symphony ( from Stockholm, Sweden. ( a departure time from Stockholm at 5 pm & an arrival time the next day in Helsinki at 9.55 am). I booked a Stockholm-Helsinki trip online. If you book about one month ahead, you will get a 15% early bird discount (paid 28 days before departure, no cancellation & no refund).

Apart from being crazy in traveling myself, the fairytale-like view on my window may give you an idea you why I explored Finland in March even the weather was so cruel. Everybody has his/or her own passion. I love when snow is falling and luckily in Finland I found a sunny day in a winter time.  I came to Finland to embrace with Finnish designs including SIS Cafe + Deli ( Unfortunately I was busy exploring too many other lovely things and forgot my SIS Cafe+Deli ‘s mission completely. It is maybe a nice excuse for me again to visit Helsinki for the third time.

My impression about Helsinki is all about the finnish people and their hospitality as well as the Finnish designs. I like very much the approach of helping out the tourists with a simple offer “Can I help you with anything? ” when they see I am looking at the map  and look like I am lost (again!). I think I am very lucky to have met my new friends in Finland. The world becomes smaller when we travel indeed. I learn more about food, Finnish ways of life as well as their beliefs, great state welfare and its coffee culture. I had to skip sauna as I was sick this time.(nosebleed for the first time and running nose for real)

The below are some famous tourist attractions on the first day.

The Helsinki Cathedral (

Helsinki Central Railway Station ( is a landmark in Helsinki’s city centre.You can also find Helsinki Metro here.(

Robert’s Coffee : Coffee of the day at Helsinki Central Railway Station. (

Eurohostel offers budget travelers a safe choice to stay and a nice location for exploring the city of Helsinki.Price included free sauna, but the breakfast costs 7.90 euro. You may eat at the hostel , but I went to explore Old Market Hall called Vanha Kauppahall ( is not far from the hostel.

If you stay at Eurohostel, then tram no.4 is your buddy.

I will write more about Helsinki next time!!!

More Information about Helsinki:


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