More boat trips in a day : Nonthaburi-Bangkok-Nonthaburi

The Museum of Nonthaburi was built in 1910 and is located near the Nonthaburi pier
Wat Arun (means the Temple of Dawn)
the Santa Cruz Church, a Portuguese legacy in Bangkok
Soi Kudee Jeen 5
Still at Soi Kudee Jeen
Bangkok, once was called "Venice of the East "
You can find this place within a short walk from the Santa Cruz church
Just cross the Chao Phraya river, and you can see the Thai life in the past
a map of Siam
Thai rice in front of the museum (a temporary exhibition)
Museum Siam is located in the former premises of the Ministry of Commerce within a short walking distance from the Grand Palace and Wat Pho (
A walk through Wat Pho
and we are still at Wat Pho
Until we find The Reclining Buddha (at Wat Pho)
Max. capacity : 90 persons ! We will be safe 😉
A nice view from a boat on the way back to Nonthaburi
Here we are approaching the Nonthaburi pier
a simple hoy tod before going home!

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    เที่ยวเก่ง กินก็เก่ง ยังถ่ายเก่งอีกนะ…

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