Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Jun June, my super nice friend took me to see Emirates Palace, a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi since early May. Let’s begin our กะเหรี่ยงน้อยทัวร์😁

From the exterior, Emirates Palace is so magnificent like a palace as its name suggests. Since the weather in May was a bit hot outside so I did not take the photos of the whole building site under the beautiful sunshine.  However, you can always check this magical place from its corporate website.

My impression is Arabian element details. Surprisingly I found the gold vending machine in the hotel (no photos) and think that this selling approach is quite unique 😅

Emirates Palace is worth visiting if you are already in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Palace

West Corniche Road

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates
Tel +971 2 690 9000

Fax +971 2 690 9999

Email Address: info@emiratespalace.ae

Comfort food @ Peking Cafe (a rooftop terrace), Beijing

  The repeated visit to lovely Peking Cafe in Beijing last year gave me a feeling of comfort food love. A rooftop terrace offered me the view of the crowded lane, Nanluogu Xiang

I had a simply delicious Japanese style rice dish with curry (vegetarian option, I believe) and caffe latte. That was so simple happiness on earth ! 

There were lots of people on the rooftop on that day, but I guess it was a nice spot to relax with a nice cup of coffee and at the same time to observe the bustling world around you.

Peking International Youth Hostel

No. 113-2 Nan Luo Gu Xiang

Dong Cheng District

Beijing, China

Tel: +86-10 – 6401 3961 / 8403 9098


Today, it is now a time for Abu Dhabi to shine a bit as a big brother. I would like to share with you the glimpses of stunning architectural work of art, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi ( or The Grand Mosque as we call it ) . If you are already in Dubai, Abu Dhabi which is the capital of The United Arab Emirates is about 150km away from Dubai. You can use the five-lanes E11 highway if you go by a car.
Apart from the grand size of the mosque ( housing 40,0000 worshippers), the most impressive design features for me are the white marble on external surfaces on the main prayer hall ( floral design ), 82 different size domes with pure while marble cladding, the world’s largest hand- knotted carpet (12-month knotting ) and a lot more. Jun June, my lovely Thai friend drove me to see the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi before I left Dubai.   Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is open daily for visitors, except Friday morning which it is open for worshipers only. I saw from the website that you also have a lovely chance to join 5pm Sunset Tour too. It must be a good walk in the evening. There is the strict dress code for women. You can check Mosque Manners to see what are allowed. 

Remark :

I found there is still no metro station in Abu Dhabi ‘s city centre (May 2, 2015). Having metro is absolutely more convenient for visitors with the efficient public transport to get around. But if you plan to rent a car or take a taxi, then it is also convenient if you know the way.

How to get there

camel latte – The Majlis @ Dubai Mall

What does this sound to you ! Don’t say it is too scary due to MERS outbreak. Life is all about trying new things and enjoying every bit. Remark  : the precaution advice from WHO is “People should avoid drinking raw camel milk or camel urine, or eating meat that has not been properly cooked”.   Cooked camel milk might be ok, I hope. 🙏

 For me, I have no clue about the taste of any camel milk before so I tried Camel Latte once at The Majlis with its refined finger food , called Arabian twists on my lovely Saturday in Dubai (February 28, 2015). My verdict as a judge in my own court is very simple. I love the way the Italians make a cup of coffee the most so I shall stick with the classic caffe latte and my love for lavazza with the cow milk. 

In a super hot summer in Dubai now, nothing can beat Dubai Mall on weekend. A truly long walk from Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station in the air conditioned walkway will make you stronger. You will find the huge camel statues in front of The Majlis at The Souk of Dubai Mall. If you have not yet tried any camel milk before, then maybe you would have fun trying the new delicacies in Arabian style.

Life is sometimes about taking a risk. You will know only when you take a chance 🐪 Good luck and have fun !

The Majlis, Dubai Mall
Call :+971 56 287 1522

Email : cafedm@the-majlis.com

Website : http://www.the-majlis.com

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – Dubai

  Apart from camels’ riding in the desert, what else could you possibly think of as another animal mascots for Dubai? I have no clue. But I later came across that Dubai has Greater Flamingoes somewhere not far from the city ( Ras Al Khor Road ).  You can even see Burj Khalifa from here. ( see above photo – sorry it is iPad’s quality ).

Bird lovers with great cameras would be happy to see these flamingoes and more. I think this sanctuary is maybe super nice in winter time.

 Jun June, my super nice friend opened up my world to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, a wetland reserve on March 14, 2015. Nature lovers should not miss this place. It was very fun to observe these animals quietly. The art of shutting up rules. Check out here and there for more information.

From map below, you can see how Dubai creek and Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary interrelated.  Notes :

1. There is no WC here and no food allowed.

2. For the man-made Dubai, this place is for real. Yes, they have real flamingoes as visitors. You will be impressed for at least 10 minutes here. 

Coffee love @ Shakespeare and Co. – Dubai

My mission on the 1st weekend in March 2015 was to find a relaxing cafe featuring tranquil seating to enjoy just a cup of nice coffee. This place is easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road which is a main road in Dubai.Jun June introduced me Shakespeare and Co. which is located in the heart of Dubai’s financial district and not far from the Ritz Carlton Hotel.


 We had a good time. It was lovely atmosphere in March as the weather was still cool. You may consider sitting at the outdoor area in February or March. I found coffee there was very nice and I wish I could come back there for a hearty breakfast. 
Please check the menu.

Remark :

Do you agree that  it is a must to surround yourself with positive souls? Always give yourself a chance 🙏 
Shakespeare and Co.

Al Saqr Business Tower

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


+971 4 331 1757

Open from 7AM – 12AM everyday of the week.


Heritage House , Dubai

Today, I would like to share with you the beautiful example of how the wealthy Emirati family would live in the past at The Heritage House in Dubai. At this moment, nothing can beat the beautiful details. The charm of the past is to balance with the fast growing pace of Dubai. This house was originally built around 1890, but was re-furnished with traditional furniture illustrating life in the region during the period of 1940-1960.

In early March 2015 this year, my super nice Thai friend in Dubai – JunJune took me to The Heritage House to spend the good quality weekend going back to the past exploring the beautiful part of Deira. The weather of Dubai in March is still nice to be happy 😋 if you ask me. 

The Heritage House is like a living museum where you can immerse yourself in a soulful place. I enjoy exploring the DNA of each place to appreciate the history, space and time. Interestingly you may love to see how the architecture and its context has been developed over time. I like the open space and adore the detailed of the wooden doors the most.

What do you think of the kitchen in the Middle East region ? Let’s explore & enjoy the journey from the photos 🐫😇😁

open daily 8:00am to 7:30pm, and Fridays 2:30pm to 7:30pm
Entrance is free.
From here you can explore Deira part and Dubai creek

Coffee Love @ Lantern Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Nothing can beat a good coffee in early morning. Today, I’d love to share my surprisingly fondest moment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I went recently last month. 

I searched for the meaningful hotel ‘s name representing some lights in Kuala Lumpur. It was purely my destiny to be in Malaysia 🌞. My priority ‘s requirement was to find a hotel within a budget with a close walking distance to Pasar Seni LRT Station.  Since I had to leave KL very early the next day. 

I found Lantern Hotel in Kuala Lumpur as my survival cave. I booked ” no window ” room, but I got the upgraded room with the fixed glass window when arriving. Lucky me! Very sexy window to look at the building structure.

I adore the positive vibes and the good energy more than anything. From the reviews of hotel guests at booking.com ‘s website, I was a bit confident that the breakfast there would be lovely. However, I did not expect to get lovely caffe latte from staying there. Therefore, I keep smiling at my luck when I think of my coffee love.

I love the attitude of this budget hotel for a lovely caffe latte. A good coffee is from the good beans, and the great heart of the owner ( 😘 แนวอะ ). I feel thankful for the early-bird service.  I mean, this is a type of DNA I respect. You need to go extra miles to exceed the expectation of your customers , not other ways around. 

For other things like wifi, it is up and down depending on where you are at the hotel.

Location-wise, Lantern Hotel Kuala Lumpur is located at Chinatown area where you can conveniently walk to Central Market Kuala Lumpur and the Sri Mahamariamman Temple. The downside of staying is based on your luck. At night time, some hotel guests made the loud noise ( screaming ). Some kicked their own doors. Yes, welcome to the zoo 🙈😜.

Be gentle to those around you ! Be inspired to look around for the positive vibes. It is a must to surround yourself with good quality people as life is so short ! Good luck, everyone 😊

Lantern Hotel 

38, Jalan Petaling, Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50000