Tsz Shan Monastery, Hong Kong 


Nothing can beat a wisdom of treasuring the present moment. My recent visit to Tsz Shan Monastery was like a dream comes true with a kind help of my ex-housemate in Melbourne, Australia , named Corinna. This recent trip was also like our reunion trip after parting since 2013. Yeah, time flies. I feel very thankful for a kind donation of Li Ka-shing so now everybody can have a chance for the spiritual purification.

I found this beautiful Tsz Shan Monastery by my luck in March and I was very impressed firstly with the architectural concepts from its website as the handsketch to me always suggested something crafty and meaningful. 

Booking to get the exact time slot for visiting is required ( no walk-in possible ) and Corinna had helped me book to visit together on April 11th, 2017. 

Please enjoy a glimpse of the beautiful spiritual space where tranquility has to be maintained. Apart from the beautiful architectural design detail elements and the tranquil scenery, you will be also impressed with the 76m height Bronze Guan Yin statue, which is the second highest in the world (in 2017).

If you would like to be safe and sound within this life and beyond, it is quite necessary to stay within the positive vibes. Firstly, you can start easily within yourself by not screaming at others (without any good rationales). EQ ( Emotional Intelligence ) is as important as IQ ( Intelligence Quotient ). As a good human being, it is a virtue to be humble, compassionate and harmless to others 😜. For the advance step, those who know the truth of life will stay equanimous 😇.

For peace & happiness ✌️

Tsz Shan Monastery

From Tai Po Market station, you can take a taxi or a bus (20B) to reach the destination.

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