Sin Sze Si Ya Temple, Kuala Lumpur 

Hello April, everyone ! It has been a while, and now my temporary sabbatical mode has just begun this month to celebrate the solo traveling spirits and to enjoy being a digital nomad. I hope it won’t be long as floating mode as I need to feed my cats with food, not grass. 😋 When I have no clue what is next, all I need to do is undoubtedly to travel first so as to explore some ideas from the moon 😋I feel thankful every time when I have a chance to see the different moon again. Last week, my heart & soul was nurtured in Kuala Lumpur where I went inside Sin Sze Si Ya Temple for the 1st time. Please do not judge the temple from its entrance. If you are visiting China Town in Kuala Lumpur, Sin Sze Si Ya temple is just around the corner. This place to me is a hidden gem and it is also a real surprise to me in different levels. (wow – 3 times).

Space wise, Sin Sze Si Ya Temple has the most beautiful details in Malaysia that I would dream of visiting. I love the doors and the windows the most. History wise, this temple is an institution for Chinese immigrants. Surprisingly those kind Chinese folks at this temple helped people to communicate with local deities. I feel very blessed to have a chance to visit Sin Sze Si Ya Temple on that day. Good people do exist on this land. 🙏🏻

Thank you so much 😊 , Malaysia 🇲🇾

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple
14A, Lebuh Pudu,
Kuala Lumpur 50050
Open hour : 7.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.


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