Today, it is now a time for Abu Dhabi to shine a bit as a big brother. I would like to share with you the glimpses of stunning architectural work of art, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi ( or The Grand Mosque as we call it ) . If you are already in Dubai, Abu Dhabi which is the capital of The United Arab Emirates is about 150km away from Dubai. You can use the five-lanes E11 highway if you go by a car.
Apart from the grand size of the mosque ( housing 40,0000 worshippers), the most impressive design features for me are the white marble on external surfaces on the main prayer hall ( floral design ), 82 different size domes with pure while marble cladding, the world’s largest hand- knotted carpet (12-month knotting ) and a lot more. Jun June, my lovely Thai friend drove me to see the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi before I left Dubai.   Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is open daily for visitors, except Friday morning which it is open for worshipers only. I saw from the website that you also have a lovely chance to join 5pm Sunset Tour too. It must be a good walk in the evening. There is the strict dress code for women. You can check Mosque Manners to see what are allowed. 

Remark :

I found there is still no metro station in Abu Dhabi ‘s city centre (May 2, 2015). Having metro is absolutely more convenient for visitors with the efficient public transport to get around. But if you plan to rent a car or take a taxi, then it is also convenient if you know the way.

How to get there


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