camel latte – The Majlis @ Dubai Mall


What does this sound to you ! Don’t say it is too scary due to MERS outbreak. Life is all about trying new things and enjoying every bit. Remark  : the precaution advice from WHO is “People should avoid drinking raw camel milk or camel urine, or eating meat that has not been properly cooked”.   Cooked camel milk might be ok, I hope. πŸ™

 For me, I have no clue about the taste of any camel milk before so I tried Camel Latte once at The Majlis with its refined finger food , called Arabian twists on my lovely Saturday in Dubai (February 28, 2015). My verdict as a judge in my own court is very simple. I love the way the Italians make a cup of coffee the most so I shall stick with the classic caffe latte and my love for lavazza with the cow milk. 

In a super hot summer in Dubai now, nothing can beat Dubai Mall on weekend. A truly long walk from Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station in the air conditioned walkway will make you stronger. You will find the huge camel statues in front of The Majlis at The Souk of Dubai Mall. If you have not yet tried any camel milk before, then maybe you would have fun trying the new delicacies in Arabian style.

Life is sometimes about taking a risk. You will know only when you take a chance πŸͺ Good luck and have fun !

The Majlis, Dubai Mall
Call :+971 56 287 1522

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