Be yourself @ THE FARM, DUBAI

Hello from Dubai ! Happy March 2015 to everyone!  Yeah, finally I have technically moved out of Thailand according to my dream since ages years ago. Thanks a lot to my mentor. Without you, I would not have had  this lovely chance🌿🍃🌞. Let’s see what I got today to share my beloved readers about a posh part of Dubai.

Here I am in a man-made land with no clue about my future. To pursue the good life mantra, each weekend is well-crafted with soulful activities ( just travel and eat ) to ensure that I shall have a glimpse of Dubai experiences where time permits. Life is so uncertain as it is, therefore hanging out with super nice friends is always a real joy. 

This year, I start my love with THE FARM, DUBAI where we went just last weekend on Super Moon Celebration’s day. The fondest impression of soul pampering is still going on. From the small road leading to THE FARM, you will feel like you are in the different world. Is this place really Dubai ?

It is a true oasis for family and friends. Price wise, I think it is not cheap. How would I say when something is considered not cheap in my world. Well,in Dubai I love to check how much they charge for my caffeine love. It is about 26 AED at THE FARM for caffe latte and 30 AED for cappuccino which is a bit more expensive than the other normal expensive places which will charge us around 20 AED for a cup of cafe latte. I think we are all paying also for the water consumption of those trees we love dearly😌😜.  In March, the weather in Dubai is still super nice and definitely you will love to sit outside and feel its leafy charms.

Food-wise, THE FARM prides itself with fresh ingredients. They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We reached there nearly 5pm, and we need to wait a bit until 6pm to be able to order Dinner Menu.  I am happy also to see Thai selection here on the menu and we met a Thai chef who is super nice and super kind.  

You can see the lovely vegetarian spring rolls as above as the beautiful gift of life as being a Thai and a vegetarian. Lovely Super Moon Celebration Treat on 20.03.2015 ! My order was Garden Select (60AED) which is roasted mix of mushrooms, wilted baby spinach, grilled zucchini, Italian basil and Parmesan in tomato reduction. It was tasty and comforting dish. 

What else do you need in this world? In a desert like Dubai, THE FARM will nourish your soul whenever you need it. 
Reservation is highly recommended and please check out opening dates and opening hours again.
Al Barari, Opposite Falcon City
phone : 04 392 5660

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aod Wannee says:

    so glad and so nice to hear your news Nhoi…. enjoy life jaa. 🙂

    1. kasamud says:

      @Aod – I am doing good here. Thanks a lot. Hope you are doing great in Thailand!

  2. Aoy says:

    ดีใจจังที่มีความสุข รักนะจุ๊บจุ๊บ

    1. kasamud says:

      Hello @Nong Aoy – I feel always happy when I have good life..hehehe…

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