Shwedagon Pagoda


I am sorry for the long absence of blogging. I am now back in a mood for sharing my first time in loving moment in Yangon, Myanmar. The photos interpret my 1st peaceful moment at Shwedagon Pagoda at night time. I went there alone in October. At Shwedagon Pagoda, I decided to hire a local tourist guide at 10 US dollar for about 1 hour.


I took my shoes off and paid for entrance fee and of course I used the elevator service instead of stairs. Shwedagon has an impressive history. My thought was to pray there so that I would have a chance to return to Myanmar for business and more. Like many people who love to ask for good luck, I went 1 step further by having a local guide to suggest where I should ask exactly.

P.S. If we can get everything that easily by asking, we should not need to ask again and again. But to be on the safe side, I came to pay homage here and asked for a chance to return anyway. Funny, but yes I did. Apart from good actions, somehow magical moments may come from spiritual energy around us. It is a balance from within.


If you would like to feel a peaceful moment, Shwedagon pagoda is a place to be.

Shewedagon Pagoda
Opening hour : 04.00am-10.00pm

Check its website for more details


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