(Water) boiled jiao zi 水饺 dumplings’ dream in Beijing

When walking through Baochao Hutong, you cannot miss this petite size restaurant, called as Mr. Shi’s Dumplings. This place offers also vegetarian dumplings so it is a tempting choice for a chubby vegetarian like me. My first vegetarian meal in Beijing was truly delightful as I always love dumplings and lots of fillings here are just interesting. I can remember only I ordered vegetarian dumplings with cheese inside too.
Rule #1 If you are alone in the universe and you don’t speak Mandarin, it is very crucial to research some useful Chinese words for your own sake.

You can enjoy their English menus for ordering food, but you may expect a surcharge for tourists since you do not have any clue of Mandarin and you can only point your own choice from the English menus. That depicts so much of survival and real life !

All in all, I enjoyed the new tastes of steamed dumplings, but I did not imagine myself having 15 steamed dumplings in one go. So, I asked the waitress to pack for take-away after eating 5 delicious dumplings. I was trying hard to explain the meaning of “take-away”, but they don’t understand. Finally, somehow they managed to put 10 steamed dumplings for my survival ‘s night mode. I was charged of this take-away option with hilariously price tag and felt a bit irritated to be fooled.

However, it was my own mistake of having no preparation to speak Mandarin for some useful key words.

Rule #2 do not give up easily. Have a faith in something.
I will certainly go there again to improve my communication skills.

Next time I shall order the beautiful fried dumplings with my fluent Mandarin and it will be take-away option. I will eat them all at rooftop ( elsewhere ) with mulled wine or beer – whatever comes first 🙂

Mr. Shi’s Dumplings
74 Baochao Hutong,Gulou Dong Dajie 鼓楼东大街宝钞胡同74号

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