Hutong love @ Courtyard 7, Beijing

Hutong is one of the charming places I would love to embrace closely when going to Beijing for the 1st time. You need to have your first fondest memory with something you adore. I believe you shall appreciate Courtyard 7 as a true oasis in the bustling Beijing. Its charming traditional design courtyard style is so enchanting and irresistible. The best fact I found is its well kept historical charms, with truly peaceful setting. Besides, with an easy access to almost every places you dream of in Beijing, you will be happy to live here , even for a short period of time. Hutong’s staff offered me very good advice about my market hopping fix. What else do you need in this world? For me, in Hutong I trust.


My first rationale of choosing where to stay when traveling is location and location. On the same par with the good location would be the lovely breakfast and its architecture. Eating well as an early bird by default and indulging in Chinese culture with arty feels would make my day. It is a real treat from heaven. The best part of staying at Courtyard 7 is the charming feels within the real old Beijing if you ever wonder what it was like 800 years ago.


Courtyard 7 had already been renovated to offer cultural feels with the sufficient comforts, if you ask me. My second mission is somewhat about checking out sustainability. Somehow, I searched from Courtyard 7’s website and found that Courtyard 7 invested environmentally to use Geo thermal pump and solar energy to provide 24-hour hot water, heat and air condition. You would need to come here in winter time to try heated floor.


My third mission is funny as I’d like to talk with Hutong’s dog and finally I met one ( Siberian Husky) and chatted with him ( not sure if it was him or her actually ) for a while. He barked politely only once when I insisted too much to include him in my selfie mode. You can see what friendly Hutong’s dog left me under the chair. What a nice treat to  a chubby stranger!


All in all, I love staying at the beautiful Courtyard 7, even my room has no window. Instead, I had a nice size breakfast to compensate. I do miss flaky croissant though, as I did not find a good one here or anywhere for a long time. Regarding of the room, it is maybe the smallest size out of all 19 rooms. However, it was comfortable and a truly amazing experience of staying in historical Hutong in old Beijing ! It was like I was living and sleeping in a Chinese series!  Breathing Hutong. I am craving for flaky, puffy and buttery croissant !

Courtyard 7
no. 7 Qiangulouyuan lane, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100009, China












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