Market love near DONGSI station, exit E (Beijing)


Last Sunday was my last day in sunny Beijing and it was set by my default as my (special) happy Sunday. Apart from caffeine fix, strolling @ the local market in early morning serves the real purpose of my life well. As you know, I love going to the local markets just everywhere to visually and spiritually embrace the local produces and the local people. It is very fun to see different things in this world. Here in Beijing, I found gigantic  eggplants lovely.

My ultimate love of all for this local market hopping is the Chinese delicacy as shown above. I was already in heaven with this divine taste. You see one photo indicating as “Find them”. There is nothing complicated about this. Just find this couple and you shall have a real happy Sunday in Beijing. They are not the shouting types, but the smiling ones. I adore their food and love their genuinely polite version that creates more peaceful morning fix in Beijing !


The local market is the only place on earth where you can see the characters, the moods and the feels. You rarely see any fake actions around here, I assume. Life might be a bit tough here in Beijing as they don’t smile easily. You can experience a sense of survivals in different ways here, either shouting or smiling. Everybody has his own mission in the market and I really love the fighting spirits and different ways of presenting their moods.


I left my cutest Hutong at 6am and took a bus to indulge in the charm of small fresh market near DONGSI subway station. Lovely staff at my hotel recommended this place when I asked for the nearby fresh market where I could see the real actions. The fresh market adventure in Beijing began nicely as DONGSI subway station is not far from my lovely Hutong @ Nanluoguxiang.


P.S. It is super nice to find the charming bit in a hectic Beijing unexpectedly.


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