Coffee Love @ Peking Cafe in Beijing

imageLast Sunday was my official coffee love day in Beijing. Before checking out from my cultural-love Hutong, what else do I need from this world ? Yes, for me I am craving for rocking caffeine intake to re-boost my engine.

imageI would like to share with you a stellar & cutest cafe (on my earth), situated on the main alley of Nan Luo Gu Xiang. You cannot miss this place. When you see a lot of people taking photos of cutest flowers in front of the cafe, meaning you are actually there.image

This cafe is full of charming flowers , lovely leafy plants, dried flowers hanging from ceiling and even big + small fish in glass tank as the crystal clear room partition. You shall feel so much refreshing amidst the charm of man-made heaven. The cafe is really made by so thoughtful, artistic and wise approach. They know what they are doing. The decoration and its ambience is so comfy and unpretentious.

imageEvery time, when I am in a cafe which is built passionately from love, I will feel indie and happy. As you know, no cookie cutter for the moods and the feels.  Capabilities to create the new experiences needed !

Peking Cafe is really the place where you can unwind, and have your great coffee from China barista championship (2013) and maybe lovely brunch when walking through Nan Luo Gu Xiang.

My verdict :
Lovely place, lovely people and of course lovely coffee
This is a real beauty of life !
# Caffe Latte 38 RMB

remark : I have to tell you that I also went to explore lively fresh market in Beijing leaving my Hutong at 6 am on my lovely Sunday in Beijing. You will see it in different post soon.  It was my amazing day !


2 Comments Add yours

  1. beautiful photo! 🙂

    1. kasamud says:

      Thanks a lot. This place is a lovely place to enjoy coffee fix!

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