Be sustainable as pun pun, charming vegetarian fare in Chiangmai

How often you can find a simply healthy vegetarian restaurant, and you fall in love with the open air vibe and delicious vegetarian food having sustainable approach right away ? Surprisingly , this pun pun restaurant is located within the vicinity of MCU, Buddhist university Chiangmai campus. You may need to find a local temple, called Wat Suan Dok in Chiangmai first as the starting point. How sustainable you are and how sustainable they are? Only you have to check it out!

Pun pun is always on my top list of my meat-free meal search to explore before the end of the year 2013. Chiangmai has really various places for vegetarian fare. I love Chiangmai as the soulful destination and definitely a vegetarian-friendly city. On December 26th, 2013, I finally went to pun pun for my vegetarian lunch with my aunt as planned.

This was my second visit to Wat Suan Dok. My first time was a mismatched date in heaven. The restaurant was closed for its renovation. As I read too many reviews of like-minded people having delicious vegetarian foods offered by pun pun, I went to Pun pun again to enjoy and to support its communities. The joyful adventure created a sense of personal accomplishment. Success in my sense is about having good food, good life, good companions and perhaps giving back to society where possible. This trip really fulfilled my meat-free and delicious dreams.

This is for real and I felt relaxed with all the lovely surrounding and felt excited with the tasteful adventure. My aunt ordered Khao soi, Chiangmai ‘s most favorite delicacy which she said to me that it was yummy with mushroom instead of chicken.

My choice was { salad samunprai } mixed vegetable and Thai herbal salads with pumpkin dressing ( 55 THB). I highly recommended this menu when coming to Thailand as it was light and very refreshing. I felt happy easily this way. Ginger drink was ordered as my healthy intake to balance my body and soul. With this combination, I only can say ” oh my god ” for this mind blowing state. It looks like nothing special – just a simple local Thai herbal, but do not under-estimate the beauty of Thai herbal tastes. It is maybe too refreshing, but it is really healthy and definitely a wake up call to stay alert and energetic for the rest of the day.

Another dish I tried was spicy larb or spicy minced tofu and mushroom with onion, mint, and kafir lime leave. After lunch, we went for a nap under the trees nearby. Then, we flied back to Bangkok on that evening with fulfilling delicious dreams came true.

Website :
Pun pun vegetarian restaurant
Open every day, except Wednesday
8.00 am – 5.00 pm
MB : + 66 84 365 6581


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