Barcelona artisan bakery-cafe : crustó

2 years ago, one of my missions in Barcelona was to find the local ‘s favorite bakery & cafe according to Frommer’s travel guidebook. I adore the word “artisan” the most as it seems this word could help me find the finest baked goods in town. I am not a fan of “copy and paste” approach. My true obsession is always towards something charming, hand- made and unique.

25560813-224319.jpg crustó seems to fulfill my dream about sipping something hot at a simple yet lovely setting in Barcelona. Strangely, I did not order any coffee or baked delicacies at crustó for myself maybe it was hard to pronounce when ordering or I felt shy to say so. I have no clue why. The best thing I fancy is the ambience here where you can enjoy the smell of freshly-baked delicacies while observing the locals’ scene. A simple communication from me was to order a tea , a box of salad and baked goods for my friend, Marzia.

25560813-224417.jpgIt was already a satisfying feeling, but I shall go back for a breakfast one day ! (hopefully within this life). I would like to order croissant 😉

(c/ Valencia, 246)
Metro : Passeig de Gràcia


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pamela Goode says:

    Fabulous photos!

    1. kasamud says:

      Thanks a lot, Pamela 🙂

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