Best early bird market @ Chiangmai Gate Market

If you stay in Chiangmai’s old city , and wake up early. Then, you may want to see what the locals do at 6.00 am at Chiangmai Gate Market. Yes, if only you can wake up at 5.30 a.m., then strolling from your hotel ( in the old city ) to the market is probably not too difficult. My favorite ritual in Chiangmai is offering food to monks at nearly 6.00 am and visiting a local market in Chiangmai where possible.

25560805-225346.jpgI’d like to share with you some photos taken from the Chiangmai Gate market as you may enjoy the different offerings, something unknown when comparing with the sophisticated supermarket in my earlier post.

25560805-225717.jpgIf you would like to feel the lively market scenes in Chiangmai, then wake up early to embrace what Chiangmai has prepared for you. Today, I have no energy to write more, but I hope my photos introducing you a glimpse of Chiangmai Gate market more or less. Enjoy more and feel more!





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