Breakfast : Khao soi @ Vegetarian Thai Orchid, CNX


If you are inspiring vegetarians and you are planning to travel to Chiangmai, a land of Khao soi. I have a local favorite place offering simple and delicious vegetarian food to share with you. Khao soi is a soul food, a comforting meal in a noodle bowl made of a coconut based curry with standard garnishes such as nam prick phao ( chili paste), pickled cabbages, sliced shallots, and lime wedges. Topped with fried egg noodle, you can mix your selected garnishes with your Khao soi and enjoy the perfect combination on earth!

On May 15th, we were heading to Vegetarian Thai Orchid for our hearty vegetarian breakfast. K.Boy, our patron opted for vegetarian breakfast every day as a beautiful way to pay tribute to his mom. I feel lucky that I, as a meat-free person was invited to join a local favorite place for vegetarian Khao soi. Normally, we have seen only a general version of khao soi with chicken- inspired. As a meat-free approach for some, you may adapt the ingredient to be tofu instead of chicken. Please see the standard Khao soi recipe from here.

25560526-103122.jpgI feel blessed that I had a chance to know Vegetarian Thai Orchid and to experience yummy vegetarian Khao soi for breakfast for the first time. K. Boy said this place is well-known among locals and there are also other vegetarian local dishes such as nam ngiaw, spicy larb made from various type of mushrooms, and crispy deep-fried spring-rolls ( no photo ).

25560526-103956.jpgAlternatively, you may order rice with whatever toppings you love. You may try Nam prik Ong (Northern Thai dip) or Kanoom Jeen Nam Ngiaw which is also a tempting choice etc. There are ready-made local specialty dishes to choose from. The atmosphere here is peaceful with lots of trees for outside seatings and the food is just simple, but delicious. I love hearty vegetarian Khao soi and spicy larb the most. Try them when you are in Chiangmai….

Vegetarian Thai Orchid
419/24 Wichayanon Rd (at opposite Aden Market, near President Hotel)
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Open : 7:30am-3pm, closed Sunday
Phone : 053-876-232

Remark :
Lists of vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Chiangmai from here and there for your reference.

Special thanks for useful info links from RachelCooksThai and aucklandvegan as well as CMU library.


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