Magic coffee @ Akha Ama Coffee, Chiangmai

25560427-160026.jpgA hidden little cafe in a small soi of Hassadhisawee Rd (soi 3), Akha Ama Coffee really rocks my world. Somehow, I heard about this special endeavor of a young man, Lee supporting Akha village from Thai PBS TV program a big while ago. It was a quiet moment alone on last Thursday as a coffee mania fan with a superb taste of a hot caffe latte at 40 THB price tag. Woohoo!

Actually, I am not so sure if I reached Akha Ama Coffee when it was their closing time already or not. As no other customers found when I reached there. The baristas were playing badminton! Thanks for letting me in to explore a new rocking taste. I opted for Italian Cafe blend on that day and decided to buy a pack of Italian blend (200g) back. I could not be any happier as one pack is only 200 THB. How many times in heaven with this 200 THB investment ! From the outside pack, it says ” this blend of roasts gives an intense, full favored and well-balanced coffee, with hints of dark chocolate and dried fruit. It has rich finish”.

Oh my God, my Lord Buddha – I mean, please support this Akha Ama Coffee. How can it be (too) reasonable price with a world rocking coffee!

I took tuk tuk to reach Akha Ama Coffee and the tuk tuk’s fare costed more than a rocking coffee itself (tuk tuk ‘s fare from Rachamankla to Hassadhisawee Rd, soi 3 costed 80 THB..maybe this is the overcharged price from a tuk tuk driver ! I don’t know and I don’t care ). The best I could do to balance this shocking feeling was to walk back to Ratchamankla road. I will tell you in a latter post how happy I was while strolling back.

25560427-160503.jpg I saw one corner dedicated to DRIP DROP so it is again a small coffee world where coffee lovers become friends. ( see drip coffee experience in BKK from here )

2556042-160838.jpg I used to see Akha Ama Coffee logo ( Akha is a name called a hill tribe people living in mountainous Thailand ( Chiangrai, Chiangmai) and Ama means “mother”) when I was uphill in Chiangrai in late 2010. However, I had Doi Chang coffee earlier uphill and I did not know that there is a hidden gem uphill which has so rocking taste too.

3 years later, my local coffee hunt mode made me to have the 3rd cup of coffee of the day in a row in Chiangmai. With my love of supporting local communities to grow sustainably (my angel mode), I admired the effort of Lee to expand more opportunities for Akha people. I thought I met Lee on that day and he recommended me to try Italian Cafe Blend. I thought he was running to bring me one pack of Italian Cafe Blend. It was only my thought as I did not ask for his name…hehe…does it help you imagine?

Once you are in Chiangmai, a visit to Akha Ama Coffee shall give you the enriching experience. My impression for a coffee here is ranked the best in Chiangmai and Thailand.(Voted by myself..hehe ). How about the world ranking? Akha Ama Coffee can be too. No doubt..

Anyway, while I am writing about Akha Ama, I have just found out a nice and informative online article by BBC -Catherine Bodry featuring a story of Thailand mountainous ‘s coffee journey. I feel great even more! I am very happy that a true star is found and now able to shine. When you are in Chiangmai, give yourself a chance to try something rocking and please do not forget to share your coffee love to the world !

Akha Ama Coffee
9/1 Mata Apartment, Hussadhisewee rd, soi 3
Chang Phuak, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand
+6686 915 8600
กาแฟอาข่า อ่ามา
ถนนหัสดิเสวี ซอย 3 ตำบลช้างเผือก อำเภอเมือง จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ 50100
โทร 086 915 8600


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