Magical Sesto Cafe’ @ Meechok Plaza


25560425-234434.jpgYesterday, I had a great coffee and Italian gelato at Sesto Cafe‘ , Meechok Plaza, Chiangmai. Sesto brand originated in Chiangmai by 100% Thai family with a passion for ice cream and coffee. I met one of the owners who is the mother. I am sorry that I did not ask for her name, but if you are at Meechok Plaza, probably you could see her sharing her love of premium coffee and Italian gelato actively. She shared the impressive story of how she started the business.
Having strong foundation of Italian know-how in making gelato, and being able to adapt by using seasonal fruits, Sesto offers you full flavor and playful gelato. Gelato indeed creates a foodie bond like you are now in Italy without moving, but local fruits make you feel at home (Thailand) comfortably. Yesterday, I opted for white chocolate first and then (nam dok mai) mango. I must admit that I love them unequally.

25560426-012824.jpgStarted as a small kiosk offering only Italian gelato experience at Rimping supermarket 7 years ago, right now Sesto has expanded Italian gelato business into food business as her son studied cuisine from Australia. There is one cute poster in front of the counter announcing the new opening branch, called as Sesto Sweet Industry @ curve since November 2012 which is so tempting for me to make a visit one day in the future.

To me, Sesto is more like a boutique coffee house with Italian know-how blending a local Lanna soul, a special blend to be discovered. They have now 7 branches in Thailand (6 in Chiangmai and 1 in Phitsanulok ). If you happen to be in Chiangmai, make sure you look for a cozy coffee break@ Sesto. Surely, you will be happy with your caffeine love and again you support our charming local coffee house.

It was a magic to have met a local gem in Chiangmai by coincidence. The highlight of my coffee hunt was fulfilled with both coffee and gelato. They complement each others like Yin and Yang. For me, I am excited to have found a nicely blended hot caffe latte at 50 baht price tag per cup. taste and feel with a lovely price.
Even she said she has to increase the price this year maybe 5 baht more due to the increasing price of other ingredients, I would say it is more than a fair price. She simply admitted that her son’s love of ice cream is a starting point of this adventure.

After eating Swensen’s ice cream for a long time, both of them (the mother & the son) went to Italy to learn know-how of gelato making. The ambience you shall see here is cozy feel even no wifi is offered. I saw people of all ages both young and old. I saw one old lady still craving for Belgium waffle. It happens here and maybe anywhere! No age limit for deliciously trails.



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  1. megtraveling says:

    Great pictures, especially of the gelato!

    1. kasamud says:

      Thanks Meg ! It tasted great too πŸ™‚

  2. orient classic,ζ™‚θ¨ˆ orient

    1. kasamud says:


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