me @ Wat Pan Whaen

In front of Baan Klang Wiang, you can see Wat Pan Whaen, a local temple in Chiangmai which was previously built since B.E.2060 ( currently we are in B.E. 2556 ). This year, Wat Pan Whaen is already 496 years old while Chiangmai’s history is over 700 years old. A peaceful old viharn or sermon hall could bring you back to the serenity and the local charms. I love its compact size and its proportion of this temple. From researching online, the name of Whaen is actually the name of a person who built this temple and Pan is a kind of position or ranking in Thai in the older days.

You can find some other temples in Chiangmai with a name starting with the ranking or position (Pan or Muen ) and following with the name of the person who built the temples. In the past, people built temples near their homes. Wat Pan Whaen was my grand mom’s playground and I believe that at this time of the year as the Thai New Year time during April 13th-15th, the locals shall go to nearby temples to celebrate the Thai New Year day, by cleansing the Buddha images with scented water and more. Going to Chiangmai would serve you well culturally during Songkran festival if you are keen to observe the event or be part of this water festival.

Wat Pan Whaen is strategically located in Chiangmai’s old city. Good Morning Chiangmai and GORD Chiangmai are located behind Wat Pan Whaen. Happy Thailand New Year 2013!



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