Me & Gallery Coffee Drip @ bacc

Have you ever felt connected with a local coffee brand before ? I am not talking about the global brands supporting local communities or fair trade coffee with smart and cool CSR campaigns that most people admire. Here in Bangkok, I am promoting a local chic coffee drip brewing concept at bacc. If you are in Bangkok for a sheer pleasure, it is likely that you maybe end up at our shopping paradise either Siam Paragon or Siam Discovery or MBK or even Siam Center. Then, it is not far to explore the first ever coffee drip brewing experience in Thailand at bacc (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre). This place is located on the 1st floor of bacc and Gallery Coffee Drip makes me proud that we, Thai have something creative and chic to share to the world, too. It is simple and unpretentious choice of coffee drip brewing technique where you could explore the unique tastes of various coffee beans from around the world with charming aromas.

I can say it is a real charm to wait for a java juice from hot water running through roasted ground coffee beans with filtered paper in a hip and cozy environment. During brewing session, I felt like I was sitting at the chef’s table asking some questions to a barista chef while waiting for about 3 to 4 minutes. Each visit would not be the same as they have rotate varieties of coffee beans in each lot and each brewing would offer you unique tastes. On my previous visits, coffee beans were from Doi Chang. It was local proudly sourced coffee and I felt good to support them. Next time, I will try coffee beans from else where for a change.

There is no other place if you like to try coffee drip brewing experience in Thailand. A local effort to grow sustainably and to shine along among other global brands needs your support. You may enjoy coffee drip brewing technique, people watching or just coffee aroma or all of these in combination. If yes, join a club of a funky and rebellious nomad.

My mission is simple : avoid Starbucks and find a local coffee cafe charm anywhere in the world. I myself feel stupid every time if I have to pay more for less with a global coffee house brand. I paid around 1.3 euro for a nice cup of Caffè latte in Italy in 2011 (see here ). I think that is a fair price for a cup of coffee. You can choose what you want. Price alone is not a main reason for our enjoyment, but supporting local boutique coffee cafe is a bottom line for me. I adore something different and no “copy and paste” and no “cookie cutters” for me, please.

By showing you what I saw and sharing my impressions, I feel connected about having coffee with a right attitude at Gallery Coffee Drip, bacc. You also have a chance to experience something unique and to enjoy the charming bits from the creation of a Thai photographer and his friends. When you open up your mind, a small brand would grow in a sustainable way. There is one menu having an interesting name as Drip Coffee Jelly. But I tried a normal hot Caffè latte which literally called as Drip Latte on the menu.

The arty part is for real, but the irritating part of Thai coffee scene is always sugar or syrup. It is maybe national preference as in Thailand they like to make coffee sweet (which is irritating taste for me now). Before I can say something like this, I have to admit that I used to be a person who put 2 spoons of sugar in any drink whether it is coffee, tea or cocoa. Since 2003, I have changed to be a sugar free type for all coffee intake due to my Dutch housemate in Melbourne’s comment. How can one person can change the whole concept of how to drink coffee? It was simply his comment, “you drink coffee like those who do not have education”. WTF! This comment is still haunting me. My brain juice is all over my forehead if you notice it fairly, but I just don’t have a coffee culture like you..5555. I felt like an idiot again and since then, I started to drink with a bit of coffee culture in mind. It is after all your preference and your experience. I have to say, “thanks a million” to Peter, my housemate whom I fight every time with his blunt, but true comments. In Thailand, in the past we mostly grow up with coffee mixing with condensed milk (Thai style) so I admit that staying in another countries for a while helps me to see things differently and to enjoy embracing the other side of the world has to offer. My soul will be always recalling until next sugar, no syrup for my coffee. Give me a break!
Gallery Drip Coffee
1st floor, bacc ( Bangkok Art and Culture Centre)
Open : 10.00 am – 9.00 pm (except Monday)
mb : 081 9895244
Cash only

4 Comments Add yours

  1. chris13jkt says:

    I should try when visiting Bangkok 🙂

    1. kasamud says:

      Good move 🙂 Thanks for supporting a local brand!

  2. Patra says:

    Saw this little cafe when I was walking around bacc, this place is definitely going to be my regular coffee fix. Everything about it is perfect; the atmosphere, coffee, people and it’s a great place to finish all my artwork and designs. I love this place.

    1. kasamud says:

      Love to hear that. I am sure it is a place for everyone. Coffee fix 🙂

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