Today is the last day of the year 2012 and all I want is miracle, miracle and miracle. I think everybody shall need a miracle. I don’t want anything else, but only miracle. If you know me, you will know what I want. Unsaid wish is a bit tempting.

December has never been a month of chaotic mode or full of surprises before. It is a rare occasion when I feel both lost and determined at the same time. I lost my dearest nongyai ( nongyai : a cute name I fondly called my grandma ). I am her first grandchild so I feel that I am supposed to be her senior in a way.

I was told that she is now somewhere on the 3rd level in the paradise. My impressions towards nongyai are her nomad spirit and her simplicity. She is a queen of my nomad club. She is so original and she is the one for my inspiration. She has just passed away at the age of 88 years old on December 17 at 17.17pm. Timing is so unique and I feel happy that she had been released to travel in a new vehicle finally. Her car was just too old and out-of-order so she needs to jump to the new one. I miss her a lot lately though. Last week, her son (my uncle) took her on his bike with his friends heading to Chiangrai and her finale is bungee jumping off the bridge to Kok river. She knows the importance of AEC and being based in Chiangrai, her hometown she will have a chance to travel a lot to China or Myanmar.

The above pictures show where I am heading to if my mission will be accomplished. Please allow me to be good 🙂
For any New Year approaching, I try to set a resolution just to have a rough direction where I am heading to. For the year 2013, I will be in meatless mode still. It is not bribery to have a nice miracle ( I really need miracle somehow now for god’s sake ). It is my intention to do something good for animals, myself and nongyai. Wherever you are, please follow me, read my blog and I will lead the way to travel and have some fun. Just take me out of Thailand! R.I.P. nongyai and Happy New Year 2013…Hip, hip , hooray !!



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  1. rigbyte says:

    I like this: “Timing is so unique and I feel happy that she had been released to travel in a new vehicle finally. Her car was just too old and out-of-order so she needs to jump to the new one. ”
    The miracle I want is some rain. Our beautiful garden and forest is dying, and so are many of the animals and birds that depend on it.
    I hope your miracle arrives.

    1. kasamud says:

      Thanks a lot for the support. It is what my nongyai said, “my body is a kind of vehicle”. Right now, I guess she is ready to travel upstream from Kok river to China and beyond. Only the dead fish is following the flow! By the way, I wish you have a miracle of more rain in Australia! Where are you based? I used to stay in lively Melbourne for a while. My miracle is still my unsaid wish which will be released only after i am getting there….itching to tell the world though 😉

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