My Coffee Break in Stockholm ( Fika )

Being in Stockholm in early March 2011, I tried to observe the local favorite places for a coffee break(Fika). Albert & Jack’s was my only answer (design wise) to explore a coffee break culture in a cool contemporary setting. ‘Fika‘ is regarded as a Swedish institution which can be both verb and noun describing (n.) a coffee break or (v.) to meet up for a coffee with colleagues, friends, date, family etc and usually accompanied by desserts such as cinnamon rolls or baked goods. A bond developing over having great coffee is always a magic treat. I am not so sure if having coffee and salad alone in Stockholm is considered as “Fika” in that sense.

Having a coffee alone should not ruin the whole spirit of ‘Fika’, I hope. I for one, can enjoy any place alone as long as the coffee is great and wifi is free. It would have been much better to be able to chat with friends though. Anyhow, life must go on with or without any attachment as not many choices left with a solo nomad. My true passion for something simple+chic and my pocket (LOL) led me to Albert & Jack’s on Skeppsbron 24 in Gamla Stan ( The Old Town ) for a lazy lunch. Simple and cozy feel is surely to be found here. Many office workers were queueing up here mostly for take – away coffee and baked delicacies. I opted for a bowl of salad instead of baked-goods since I just love the pickled cucumbers more than anything else. Is this called Fika too? I mean, maybe I have to go back to try cinnamon rolls first !




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