My hot chocolate dream in Barcelona

Chocolate and Barcelona have been fondly interwoven as chocolate lovers’ paradise, but maybe only a few people know about this. I was also once unaware of its rich chocolate history in Barcelona. In the past, when I thought of the perfect chocolate affairs , only Belgium and Switzerland had been triggering my inner chocoholic soul. My wanderlust mode in March 2011 proved to open up my little world to Torino and Barcelona to try something new that I have not yet experienced before in Thailand or elsewhere (except for my love@ Angelina, Paris ). Yes, it is only the exquisite hot chocolate in Barcelona ! My 1st time in Barcelona was only 36 hours, but I love it truly.
To tell you the truth, I did not know before that I would get a thick hot chocolate when I ordered a hot chocolate in Barcelona. Curious enough to prove while having a sore throat, I sacrificed a lot to drink 3 velvet hot chocolate within a day. I can guarantee that hot chocolate in Barcelona is so damn thick(sorry about my expression) and I feel like a new discovery (haha- this is for real!).

Hot chocolate can also be found at granjas which are Spanish cafes serving hot chocolate and desserts. Still, I have not yet tried churros which are Spanish delicacies normally pairing with hot chocolate. This would mean I miss churros-dipping ritual in Barcelona. I skip always carbohydrates to balance with all sinful chocolate and ice cream intake. Actually, it turned out to be a good excuse to save my first churros-dipping experience for Seville. Today, I have just found the links for my wildest (yeh!) exploring dream of the best hot chocolate and perhaps churros in Barcelona from here and there.
Having a long absence of blogging for a big while due to my career commitment (woohoo!), I can tell you now how much I miss my wanderlust mode. It is now, so called a craving stage. Apart from Barcelona and Seville, Madrid is also on my chocoholic dream list. Please just take me out of Thailand!


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