Moderately Brek in Torino

If you are in Torino and would like to try a decent Italian food with a moderately price tag, then going to Brek, an Italian self-service restaurant chain might be your choice. Located in a city center of Torino, not far from Torino Porta Nuova railway station , Brek offers a mindful concept of live cooking where you can enjoy seeing your food being prepared and cooked live.

You can see the typical Italian staple foods such as pasta , pizza and more to try. The generous selections of meat, fish, vegetables, salads, fruits , and drinks are perhaps the tempting choices for those who prefer the good value for money meals.

With a warm and hearty feel, Brek is designed to be a getting together place for family and friends, I think.

It is good that you can walk around the ” free flow” areas and queue up at any station you fancy. After you have all your favorite Italian food, dessert and drinks, then the cashier counter will be your final stop before you can have a look for your nice table. Brek is such a huge place consisting of more than 400 seats and you can also go upstairs where the 2nd cutest restroom ever is located.(The 1st cutest one is in Milano, if you ask me).

My impression of Brek is about the photos hanging in the restroom. Yes, I adore the photos which are funny and a bit hilarious ! A good laugh of the day! You may have seen a lot of American fast food chains in this world, but Brek is somehow having a little soul and guts to shine (at least, in my mind..LOL). The Italians are doing a good job for giving a bit of homey feel , sharing a good laugh and offering family – oriented feels. For me, Brek is always offering a lovely deal. Last year, there were sheer celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification in Torino and brek’s menus were created for tourist groups visiting Torino. It then became easy for all to have a quick glimpse of Italian experience at a budget price. I think, Brek has made Italian foods accessible to many travelers. Nothing fancy here, but it is ok for budget travelers, students and me.

My light dinner was just ok. Sharing some photos might be helpful for those who love good food, but don’ t want to pay a fortune. If you would like to try Brek when you are in Torino, then you have an idea what to expect. At Brek, you will definitely get what you pay for.

Brek ristorante
Seats : 476
Ristorante : 11.30-15.00 / 18.30-22.30 every day
Piazza Carlo Felice, 22, Torino
011 534556


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