After enjoying Picasso Museum in Barcelona and you still have half an hour free. Museu de la Xocolata is just around the corner. Museu de la Xocolata or Chocolate Museum might be your fondest choice where you can savor your super cute entrance ticket, made from chocolate. If you are always craving for chocolate and passionate about everything chocolate, then the Chocolate Museum might be a place for you to explore the history of chocolate in Europe,various machines on display as well as the delicious chocolate sculptures such as the famous miniature of Sagrada Familia.

Chocolate lovers with small kids will love this place too. Actually, kids and grown-ups alike would definitely enjoy several cartoon characters made from chocolate or chocolate making workshops. Educational and entertaining exposures ! Mmm…Xocolata!



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  1. very good post, I do love your pics and comments. cheers

    1. kasamud says:

      Thanks a lot for a visit. It was my first time in Barcelona and I am craving for more. Addicted to chocolate and everything there….:-)

    1. kasamud says:

      Thanks for sharing chocolate passion…ummm…:-)

  2. Oh…yup…my kind of museum! I just might need to plan a trip to Barcelona (say “Barthlelona”!) just to get this mighty chocolate experience!

  3. kasamud says:


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