Mouth-watering Saturday at Or Tor Kor Market, Bangkok

Yesterday, I went to Or Tor Kor market in Bangkok which is now being regarded as one of the best fresh markets in the world by CNN GO, Linda Goldberg. I am not surprised with its famous foodie mecca story. Or Tor Kor market has always been a favorite place for the locals and now travelers alike. It is worth visiting to see and to explore what Bangkok has offered you. For me, there are 2 fondest obsessions : kanom jeen namya pu and nam prik ma kham sod ( tamarind chili dip).


Yesterday, I found different types of fruits such as mangoes, durians, rambutan, custard apples, as well as gac fruits which are very new to me. I even drank a gac fruit juice for the first time here. I am happy to explore new tastes. I think you too will enjoy the huge selection of foods, drinks, fruits, snacks, desserts, flowers, and a lot more. I had visited Or Tor Kor market several times before, but I still kept saying ‘wow and wow’ while strolling every time. Mouth-watering mode! I cannot stop taking photos every time I am there.






Lastly, it would be a bit disappointing to skip J.J. Market when you are already at Or Tor Kor market. Therefore, I jumped like a kangaroo to J.J. Market to enjoy my little herb garden dream. The first scene I saw was a long queue for coconut ice cream served on coconut husk with several toppings. It seems like a tempting choice under the sun for 30 baht. Enjoy your happy Sunday !



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow. A lot of unknown and probably very tasty stuff here. Must go there!

    1. kasamud says:

      Yeh,strange and magical…Welcome to Thailand! A foodie paradise…

  2. im missing tom yum soup

    1. kasamud says:

      You can visit Thailand anytime or cook yourself a nice Tom Yum at home 😁

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