My set lunch : Kanom Jeen Sao Nam

Kanom Jeen is not only a way of life in Thailand, for me, it is a serious mission and a bit of my own obsession. Actually, I have at least 3 missions to accomplish on my happy Sunday ritual while I am in Ratchaburi as follows :-

1. Khao Kaen Chan Sunday Market
2. hiking mania at 141 m hight mountain
3. Home-made set lunch

Right now, I am having caffè latte in the city of Bangkok, somehow I am longing for my happy Sunday dream and would love to share now my home-made set lunch. The home-made set lunch activity on Sunday is my fondest ritual which I have been doing for more than two month continuously in Ratchaburi. Last Sunday of May ‘s theme was Kanom Jeen Sao Nam. My aunt has just bought a new cookbook and this was our first time trying our luck in cooking Sao Nam dressing.

My first thought of Kanom Jeen Sao Nam was not as exciting as it should be . I didn’t know what I should expect from the taste of that mild soup made from fresh coconut milk. I thought that it would have a bland taste. I was so wrong and underestimated the mild taste of fresh coconut milk with the combination of gorgeous fresh young ginger, (huge) dried shrimp, chilies and sliced pineapple.


The way we did was not reflected the traditional Thai style. I called it as a free spirit inspiration as this is already the year 2012. We always find whatever available in the local market. However, we do adhere to the amount of ingredients as per the recipe (which I will post later). With free spirit in minds, we cut whatever size we like and they way we like it. All the rules are meant to be broken, right? The bottom line is to make sure we get the freshest ingredients available.

Kanom Jeen Sao Nam is very simple to prepare and the result is so refreshing and delicious.
Do it yourself and then you will see that life is not a cookie cutter. Break the rules , maybe not all but most of them and enjoy the freedom in this world! Happy Friday, everyone!


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