Magical Dhamma Sawasdee

Mission possible?  What did you do during the week of Buddhajayanti ? If you are a Buddhist, then you may have your own missions to do. For me, Thailand ‘s Grand Vesak Celebration has never been so meaningful like this year. Vesak Day has been a very important day for Thai Buddhists , but somehow I just did not notice the true essence earlier. If you are not a Buddhist, no worry, mate! Just enjoy my photos and observe a simple bliss hidden somewhere out there. Yes, I would like to share the mood and the feel. During the last weekend, I planned double Evening Chantings : 1. in Bangkok and 2. in Ratchaburi. I always want to do something good every day where possible 😉 For this special day,  I was more than happy to celebrate 2600 years of Buddha ‘s Enlightenment.

Wat Phra Ram 9 Kanchanaphisek, Bangkok

Simple and economical

The combination of ancient architecture with modern architecture at Wat Phra Ram 9 Kanchaphisek creates a unique space where simplicity , efficiency and elegant design are blended harmoniously. Wat Phra Ram 9 Kanchanaphisek is dedicated to the reigning King Rama IX. Our beloved king’s intention was to build a small scale temple for residents in this area with a budget of less than 10 million THB. I love the small scale and simple design especially a cute Bai Sema which is the boundary stone designating the sacred area for Ubosot. Normally, the evening chanting is held at the Chapel (Ubosot) as shown here. Simplicity and purity of the clean architecture from what I see can represent the sense of this place and its context reflecting the purpose of this temple. I also took a photo of my friend, Meng Ju who celebrated her first Evening Chanting by sitting modestly and calmly at Ubosot.   

Wat Khao Wang, Ratchaburi

A little gem in Ratchaburi

The other mission was to attend Evening Chanting at Wat Khao Wang , located in Ratchaburi province. (Khao : Mountain, Wang : Palace > A palace on the mountain).  You can see the serene place where evening chanting is held as below. Historically, before it was called as Khao Wang, “Sattanart” is the name of this 57 m height mountain where small animals such as monkeys, lemurs species, and barking deers were found living harmoniously and peacefully.  After building, His Majesty King Rama V visited here only one time during his trip back from Kanchanaburi in 1877 and he used this palace to welcome the Portuguese ambassador. After that, this palace was abandoned throughout his reign and was later restored during the reign of His Majesty King Rama VII and then was promoted to be a monastery, named as Wat Khao Wang. Friendly animals are still found here and you can feel it. Look at the birds and the hens ! I love the proportion of the architecture the most. It is so lovely and classy ! So vintage ! Yes, instagram can do!!!

A last photo is a finale explanation to represent a token of goodness. I would call it as an unexpected gift from a kind person whom I don’t know. Yes, it happens unexpectedly. I would say, indeed it is a magic of good deeds 😉

I have heard so much about Bhikkhu P.A. Payutto. I am so thrilled and totally blessed to have a chance to embrace his work finally. I really would like to share them with you as I have just found out the access to his brilliant work.

Please see a link of chronology of Buddhism in  World  Civilization


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