Moomins & Arabia

Arabia is a brand embedded in Finnish design.The Arabia factory was established in 1873 and currently is the largest ceramics factory in the Nordic countries. Once you make an effort to visit Arabia Center , you will also have a chance to indulge yourself in the littala outlet and Arabia Museum and Gallery. Wherever your final destinations are, both places are tempting locations where you can enjoy Finnish design legacy, especially tableware. You will also have a chance to meet the Moomin family here. I spent time strolling and seeing lots of collections here together with Satu, my best Finnish friend. The distance to reach Arabia Center from a city centre is quite far, but manageable by a public transport.

If you fancy the timeless finnish designs at littala outlet or several design collections of porcelains at the Arabia Museum, Arabia Center is perhaps the most joyful place for you. This year is a great year to visit Finland as Helsinki had been appointed as The World Design Capital for 2012. If you plan to visit Helsinki this year, say hello to The Moomins for me!!!


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  1. I love the Moomins (as you’ll see from my blog) and thanks to your post, I have added the Arabia Museum to my must see list when I visit Finland. 🙂 Did you also go to Moominworld? That’s no.1 on my list!

    1. kasamud says:

      Hi, I saw your blog and I am thrilled to learn that there is moomin mania out there too. Arabia Museum is a great place to see lots of porcelains and history. I did not have time to go to Moominworld though – it will be my list to go next time. Thanks!!!

  2. Lovely photography!

    1. kasamud says:

      Thank you very much. Hope u enjoy!

  3. Very cool little tour on collision of world design! – Thank you, Renee

  4. kasamud says:

    @Renee..Thanks, yes, a simple journey with a lot of chic things to see along the way!

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