Meeting iCloud, Bangkok-Phuket

Recently, I flied to Phuket to work leaving from Suvarnabhumi AirportSamut Prakarn via Bangkok Airways. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos when I first realize how close Samut Prakarn, often called as Pak Nam ( the mouth of a river ) to the Gulf of Thailand. After that moment, I thought I have met iCloud and a group of them all over. I kept looking and taking photos from my Ipad2. I was addicted and I was thinking of Steve Jobs as well as New York while flying to Phuket !  (hehehe..again!) After 1 hour, I was reaching Phuket and the weather was pretty comfortable after raining. Last time, I was in Phuket in March 2012 and it was super hot. Enjoy my iCloud view during May 3,2012. I can tell you that Phuket is waiting for you too !


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  1. ironpirat3 says:

    The sky is gorgeous. I’ve never flown over the ocean before. Consider me jealous 🙂

    1. kasamud says:

      Yes, nature is so amazing. For me, I have never found any bike in the fountain before…it could be equally jealous feeling from me. 😉

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