My pizza in Milano @ San Marco-Ristorante Pizzeria, Via Friuli

Today is the celebration day for Italy again. My love for pizza is heavenly developed with my long-lasting friendship with my dearest friend from Rome, Italy. I mentioned her name often. She is not my pizza, but she is Marzia, my the other half in different continent. This post is another way to say “happy birthday” to Marzia. I love her mentality which could not be found easily in Asia, especially Thailand. Marzia introduced me the Italian ways of life. Her thoughts, and her unique styles are always my inspiration. My full day strolling therapy with Marzia began in Milano on the last Saturday of February in 2011.  Here was our lunch which I requested Marzia to take me to have something hearty, cozy and simple. It was unpretentious. Price-wise, it was lovely like no-frills Ryanair. I really love her choice !

The wood fired pizza is the only ultimate answer to enjoy the crust, the cheese with whatever toppings you may dream of! I have a passion for something cheesy. I always love the rustic feel,  the customized choice,  and whatever that make me wait a bit and be more patient. I prefer not to adore the fast food chains offering pizzas without charming soul or pretending to have ones. By the way, my last photo shows the Egyptian starter which was a real surprise of the day. I forgot what it was called, but I believe the Egyptian starter should be meatless choice or something vegetarian. I did not eat fish in Italy so my memory was full. I have never tasted any Egyptian cuisine before. It was my first time mixing Egyptian starter with lovely wood-fired pizza!  Buon appetito

San Marco-Ristorante Pizzeria

Via Friuli, 6, 20135 Milano, Italy


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  1. I want to be here tonight! Are you in Milano?

  2. kasamud says:

    I wish I could, but I am currently in Bangkok. I would recommend you to try Milano’s institution instead for the night time. My friend took me there a long time ago, but I guess you may enjoy its aperitivo time and the ambience more. Please let me check the name as I forgot….:-)

  3. kasamud says:

    It is Caffe della Pusteria.

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