My breakfast at Mariton Old Town Garden Hotel, Tallinn

Early March last year, I decided to explore Tallinn, Estonia because I’d like to see something unique with a snow falling mode. Instead of Tampere, Tallinn would be a good alternative spot to fly back to Milano via Ryanair. It was a pleasant journey after all. This magical fairytale town has something for everyone. There was nothing strange for my breakfast at Mariton Old Town Garden Hotel. It was just a simple brekkie. Nothing fancy! I would say the breakfast choices were various and generous as expected. Or maybe I didn’t hope much..!!

My choice of hotel to stay normally is based on safety,  price tag and most importantly – a nice breakfast. I read the reviews and dreamt about my breakfast before booking. My favorite food of those days in this Baltic country would be from lovely pickled cucumbers. It was just a great combination!

Croissant with the fillings was a bit strange, but edible. The breakfast area is quite small and cozy. I am always an early bird because I am always hungry in early morning. It has been great to enjoy my time and the window view. Mariton Old Town Garden Hotel Tallinn is located in a prime location at the old town of Tallinn so your comfort is a key word. Besides, you can enjoy free access to sauna and wi-fi. The choice is yours!

Mariton Old Town Garden Hotel Tallinn

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