Molecular gastronomy dream @ Comerç 24, Barcelona

Spring time in Barcelona is here! It is always with me, the surprising tastes, and the first love affairs in Barcelona. Woohoo! It is just all about food, and my first step to the moon !  Molecular gastronomy seems like a fancy word to me, and somehow I would like to reach the star and to explore the new culinary experience.  Comerç 24 is my first step of reaching my dream.  Chef Carles Abellán is the protégé of Chef Ferrán Adrià who created elBulli (elBulli restaurant was closed, but there is now elBulli foundation). The way Chef Carles Abellán creates Catalan’s tapas experience at Comerç 24 is very interesting interpretation with global cuisines -inspired. I can’t find any reason to miss out all the joyful tastes. However, on that day I had lunch at TALLER de TAPAS before going to Comerç 24. I planned to reach Comerç 24 before lunch time, but I was in Santa Maria del Mar church for too long. I was near TALLER de TAPAS when I was in my oh-I-am-so hungry mode at noon time. Having double lunches in Barcelona made me look like a pregnant woman even more ( with 3 babies). I had no other choice.

Arriving at Comerç 24 with a full stomach, I opted for a main course (spring menu), CHIAVARI Red mullet and a glass of red wine right away instead of trying a tempting tasting menu like others. I went crazy when I tried Filo, PARMA, lime and basil. Mind-blowing !

For having a good time at Comerç 24 , I recommend  you to try its tasting menu so as to explore the whole new experiences. For me, it was too late and too much. At first I thought that I could eat only a main course with no dessert pleasure on that day. I was so wrong ! First they served me with several olive oils for their breads which I didn’t know exactly the difference, but they were gorgeous. I still was so full and a bit confused of variety of choices. I kept eating like there was no tomorrow of skinny me! At 2 pm I still was really full, but I saw others having dessert menus comprising of small bits and pieces.  Then , I could not resist my inner dream of having all these creative desserts. I adore everything you saw here, especially the parmesan-filo cigar which was surprisingly refreshing. It was a real culinary experience ! Even, I was so full. I love my spring menu with that translucent disk. You can find out how I feel when you taste it. There was nothing left on any plate! I admitted that I was so full and felt like having 4 babies !



5 Comments Add yours

  1. I love Barcelona and your photos!

    1. kasamud says:

      Thanks a lot.I love Barcelona a lot. I love your adventure in Italy and adore Juliet’s photos. I am looking forward to seeing your post in May…

      1. Thank you very much! It should be a great experience and lots of Material 🙂

  2. Pamela Goode says:

    Fabulous photos!

    1. kasamud says:

      Thanks a lot,Pamela!

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