My breakfast at Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour, Torino

I did not stay at Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour, because I was kicked out from this hotel right after my arrival or even before. Last year, I booked one night stay via, but when I arrived my name has been transferred to another hotel. I have never had any problem with my hotel booking via This was the first case and this post is to share the genuine experience at Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour, Torino and to remind you to stand for your own right. Me!I only want my breakfast back! That is my bottom line. My little mission was accomplished. I felt terrible when I knew that I had to leave this hotel as I got a confirmation from Hotel Roma that I got a room for a night with a breakfast by email before my arrival. In every trip, I do have a fancy hope and a certain dream about having a breakfast leisurely in Torino.

The arrogant male staff or maybe he is the fondest son of the owner informed me that the hot water system in my room was broken. I insisted that I didn’t need any hot water. I needed a room that I booked and I would like to see the room whether it was still being fixed or not. He refused arrogantly. I was sitting there being a pain in his ass (or politely called as his butt ) for about 45 minutes. I saw a bus full of tourists and may more tourists in front of Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour during the annual chocolate festival. In my mind I created my own believing system that he might give my room to a group tour. It was my guess, actually!

I went to Hotel Bologna and saw my room. It was clean and neat. But I felt shit only about the television. I felt like living in WW II era. I love the history, the culture, but for TV , I need something flat and sophisticated enough for me to be able to use it. You may find this charming and retro though. (But I was sad.) Hotel Bologna is also a truly family business, but it is so much better than Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour in term of having people with good manner, best service attitude, and a real passion for hospitality. The only minus point of Hotel Bologna is its breakfast. It is maybe too limited choices, at least for me.

I did not give up my dream breakfast and my right to enjoy. After 9-10 hours , I went to that creepy hotel to check my room (which was being fixed forever) @8.30pm. I informed that I would like to have at least a breakfast there to compensate for all the inconvenience caused by Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour. Finally, a different person at front desk checked with her superior via phone and finally say yes. I told her to give me a breakfast coupon too. No written confirmation is like having a fart! She agreed finally to give me a coupon. Good girl!

Yes, that is it! A feeling of being cheated in Torino. A gentle reminiscence of broken hot water system, arrogant gentleman at front desk and my lovely breakfast! I felt good again when I had a breakfast at Hotel Roma eventually.

It was not a fancy meal to boast, but I felt blessed to get my hearty breakfast back. There is no quick fix when dealing with those creepy animals in this world. There are plenty of them around the world hidden in hotels, restaurants, gardens, factories, offices and basically everywhere. Be safe, make a merit more often and maybe fight for your right…(if you can).Enjoy your breakfast as I do! I was a last person who ate like there was no tomorrow.

If you ask me about the good point of staying at Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour, I think its location is the convenience you may like. It is located so close to Porta Nuova railway station. You may like to enjoy this arrogant gentleman at work sometime too! Check him out! He looks gorgeous, but stiff and dull. It is a real treat from Torino! Yum!


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