My breakfast at Bonifacio, Florence

It was exactly one year delay in posting about my croissant for breakfast in Florence, Italy. I always have passion for croissants when staying in any hotel. I love the fluffy feeling when eating them. We spent our lazy weekend at Bonifacio. I went there with my Italian best friend, Marzia who is an architect with specialization in old building restoration.

Marzia booked Bonifacio, 3-star hotel from the internet because the location is not far from Santa Maria Novella Train Station. However, it is not that close to the hectic scene where you still enjoy the tranquility. You know what I mean when you are at the busy train station. You will surely not feel bored as you will see a lot of beautiful old buildings along your walking to Duomo or a train station. I recommend this hotel for those who love to stay in the old charming building in a quiet area, but still easily accessible by walking to a market, cafe, train station or Duomo. I also like the welcoming hotel staff there. I enjoyed their breakfast too! Happy Sunday!

Hotel Bonifacio – Via Bonifacio Lupi, 21
Tel. +39 055 4627133 – Fax.+39 055 4627132


2 Comments Add yours

  1. megtraveling says:

    What beautiful pictures! They really show the charm of Florence…

    1. kasamud says:

      Thank you very much,Meg. Indeed, Florence is such a lovely and charming place for everyone..

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