Musing about a little cafe near Piazza XX Settembre, Modena

Do you have any criteria in your mind when choosing a cafe in Italy? For me, I would prefer a small and cosy local cafe where I always wish that they have a nice restroom and free wifi. Secondly, the decor should engage inviting and homey feel. Then, I wish they have fresh oranges from Sicily, croissants and Latte Macchiatto. Finally, organic (biologico) products should be included on its menu supporting local communities where possible. I am addicted to croissants forever.

When you are in central Modena, Italy for a day or so, you might like to visit a little cafe with an attitude near Piazza XX Settembre. I don’t know the exact name of this place. But you won’t miss it, I hope 😉 ! Piazza XX Settembre is an open space near Mercato Albinelli. After exploring a market, you may need a lovely place to relax for a while.

I love the decor especially the main counter ( as above). I only had one problem of getting something I did not dream of. Or it could be the case that I ordered the wrong thing myself. I don’t know! I may pronounce the wrong name or he might misunderstand my order. It was likely that I may say only “Macchiato” or I could say “Latte Macchiato”, but he still misunderstood my order. It doesn’t matter at all as he is too cute…I am not sure if you have any problem when ordering Latte Macchiato in Italy.

What I want in this world is only Latte Macchiato, but I got Caffè Macchiato instead for the second time in Italy. It was one bitter shot of espresso with small amount of foamed milk on top. The world was going upside down! I was a bit heart-broken when I had to sip it, but orange juice from Sicily has saved my life from this classic bitterness ! I love this place any way. Highly recommended!!!


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