Mind mapping, weaving and scarf making

Happy New Year 2012!!!! If you don’t know what to do in Vientiane after walking back and forth in the capital city for 5 days ( like me) , visiting Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre for Women might be your choice. I enjoyed my laid-back day in Vientiane where I learnt how to weave ( I know..it is just only a small piece) and how to make my own scarf using natural dyes.  This is a real mind mapping approach!

A slow travel began when I visited one lovely store , called “True Color” which is located on the opposite side of The Mixay temple on Settha Thirath Road. Pick-up time was at 8.30 am the next day. I met a Laos tour guide, Saeng with a classic Volkswagen Beetle ! Saeng speaks very good English and provided me a lot of insights.

natural dyeing process

Indigo paste was my choice as natural dyes. You will be impressed with the vivid color and all the natural process you learn here. It is a fun activity and achievable 😉

mini experience of traditional Lao weaving

You will have a chance to try on a traditional loom which you will realize that weaving is really involved a lot of effort and mind mapping skill. Your legs, your hands and your brain have to be in the same rhythm. You will surely appreciate the women in the centre. Finally, you will get the small piece of your creation back home. I spent 110,000 kip for this half day course. I got one bottle of water, my scarf , my mini weaving piece as well as transportation back and forth.

website : http://www.houeyhongcentre.com

My expert teachers proudly present their products at the centre in Vientiane.

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