My Baccalà fritto in pastella and more in Florence

It was a lovely meal I had in Florence after a walking marathon from a hotel on Sunday. Yes, I tried baccalà fritto in pastella. Actually, I don’t know exactly if it is the right name for the above dish as I was too hungry to jot down from the menu. I only recalled that it is called baccalà. This post is all about guesstimating 😉 and my impression of something simple. Not a fancy meal, but it is simply delicious. baccalà has a culinary term for a salt cod in most of Italy. Fritto means “fried” ,and pastella refers to “batter” in Italian. I got a combination of something nice. It was a good choice as it turned out to be an exquisite delicacy. Italians rule!

If you buy a salt cod from a local market in Italy,you need to soak it for 12-24 hours and changing the water every 4 to 5 hours before using it. Baccalà can be found in other nearby countries as well. Salted cod in Spanish is called bacalao”, while it is called morue” in French. In Portugal,bacalhau” refers to dried and salted codfish. Several bacalhau recipes are found in most Portuguese cuisine as bacalhau is considered a delicacy and a national dish of Portugal. I can’t wait to explore further.

Marzia opted for a hearty Tuscan soup (Ribollita) on that day. I am sure that her soup is a perfect wintertime’s Tuscan fare. It was made with beans, bread and cavoro nero. The reason for calling this soup as Ribollita (Ribollita literally means “Reboiled”) because after it is made, the soup is left to rest overnight to develop the flavor. The soup is reboiled the following day and the flavor gets better each time after reboiling. The soup surely becomes intense and delicious. Like most of Tuscan cuisine, this Tuscan soup is a traditional peasant fare. Simply rustic and delicious!

I enjoyed the view of outdoor weekend market scene in Florence while having a simple lunch with Marzia. It was a late lunch for me at about 2pm. Marzia told me that the saltless Tuscan bread is a typical bread in Florence and throughout Tuscany. This is a distinguishing feature from other regions. Ribollita uses stale bread to thicken the soup.
For a rainy day in the wintertime in Florence, a warming Tuscan soup (Ribollita) is a heavenly perfect choice for you too. Enjoy!

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