Mimosa and more

Mimosa is selected to be a symbol of International Women’s Day (IWD) which is celebrated annually in Italy on March 8th. You will be surprised when googling for mimosa and find out that mimosa is considered as the worst weed in Australia. Not sure if it is the same specie with the one in Italy and how it is related. I wonder about the logic of choosing mimosa to represent IWD in Italy. One of my assumptions : women maybe are invasive and have major economic, environmental and social impacts 😉

After having a light breakfast with Marzia, I thought of walking to Duomo di Milano. Since Marzia told me about mimosa and the tradition in Italy that the small sprigs of mimosa are offered to women by men on the International Women’s Day (IWD). I’d like to see how the Italians celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) and the whole feel in Milan on this special day. While I was strolling from Viale Bligny to Duomo, I saw a building of Universita Luigi Bocconi. I am so impressed with the way the architects think to harmonize this building into the city of Milan. Somehow, I like its clean line of the building and I appreciate that they don’t make it too overwhelming. It is like being in a similar context, but in a grown-up mode. Well, Bocconi has nothing to do with my mimosa so let’s get back to my mimosa once again. I found a lot of mimosa at almost every flower shops on the way. Mimosa’s blossoming time is in early March so it makes sense for the Italians to choose mimosa as the symbol of IWD. The yellowish color of Mimosa brightened the whole atmosphere in Milan on that day. For me, Mimosa represents the recognition and admiration for women at least for one day in a year. It is better than never anyway.









I didn’t buy any mimosa for myself as taking photos to record my mood is already enough for our world’s sustainability. I opted for a cup of coffee and croissant instead at a lovely cafe called ATELIER CAFE. I found this cafe on the way to Duomo di Milano and I love it very much as it has a toilet. Yes, I did it again. I have no idea that this cafe has a lively night scene. I went there during the day time and I saw only a small group of women celebrating IWD with their boss. They opted for coffee and no mimosa 😉


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