Me @ underground cave at Scandic Anglais, Stockholm

If you happen to be in the city centre of Stockholm, Sweden for a night as a budget traveler, staying at an underground cave might be your option. Actually, it is a cabin room without a window. For me, I don’t need to breathe a lot while sleeping. Opening a window is not necessary when the weather is already cruel ūüėČ I guess you¬†still can enjoy saving and surfing the net while adoring the convenient location of Scandic Anglais.¬†I really love the breakfast here which is so lovely and full of choices. You can also grasp a cup of¬†caff√® latte¬†for your picnic in the park too. My cave here was quite small with an eco-friendly approach. I also enjoyed the temporary Art exhibition at the hotel lobby. My overall experience here was nice and under control.

I went to Stockholm in early March while the hotel’s room rate was a lot cheaper than in a summer time. I am always passionate about snow falling so the winter time is just perfect to walk alone in the unknown locations. Exploring and getting lost! The world needs more crazy people as you may know!!! You could see the solitude feel and overly freedom in the air. I love strolling around the¬†Stockholm‚Äôs fashionable √Ėstermalm neighborhood and more.¬†I just love Sweden! Swedish people are mostly gorgeous and full of quality. They speak English so well.¬†This made my travel here easier and enjoyable. ¬†XOXO


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