Me at the Cable Factory, Helsinki

What is the Cable Factory? How come it is so hip in Helsinki? Conversing the old building into a meaningful cultural centre is quite impressive, at least for me. I love the way the Finns engage themselves with the unique building and space with all cultural activities promoting a creative society at the Cable Factory. Simply called in short as Kaapeli, the famous building originally was constructed as a cable factory in 1939–1954 for Suomen Kaapelitehdas Oy (Finnish Cable Works). The cable manufacturing was closed in 1987. Later, the city of Helsinki conversed this building into a cultural centre where various concerts, exhibitions, fairs and festivals are held .








The Cable Factory or Kaapelitehdas is the home of three museums which are the Finnish Museum of Photography, Hotel and Restaurant Museum and Theatre Museum. I came to see the Cable Factory and explored the museums with my new friend, Satu in early March 2011. You can see the glimpse of what we like through my photos. I love the fat woman with a broom from “Alice in Wonderland” photographic art exhibition. It reminds me of my fondest memory with the flight attendants at Finnair. Oops!



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