MENU del PRANZO (Lunch Menu) in Firenze

On day two in Firenze, we decided to have a light lunch nearby Stazione Leopolda. We knew that we would have a chance to taste many yummy things at the annual fair simply called as Taste n.6. Opting for a light lunch menu which the normal white-collar Italians would have in Florence was our choice. We are not the tourists so we act like the locals 😉

The price here was interesting. Most importantly, we’d love to sit and relax a bit before walking around the culinary event. It was a normal lunch and filled up our stomach nicely. From the above lunch menu signage, you can see the below translation for your idea of what they offer for a lunch time:

  1. LEOPODA – 6 Euro : Primo (first course) + Acqua (water) + Caffé (coffee)
  2. SLURP – 8 Euro : Secondo (second course) + Contorno (side dish) + Acqua (water) + Caffé (coffee)
  3. IL DOGE – 10 Euro : Primo (first course) + Secondo (second course) +  Caffé (coffee)
  4. SUMMER – 7 Euro : Piatto freddo (cold dish) + Acqua (water) +  Caffé (coffee)
Contorno (side dish)
Tuscan bread ( salt-free)
Secondo - Second course (main course)

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