Magical meal, by myself

When you are at the covered-market in Modena, you may treat yourself with tortellini di modena as a souvenir. I am fond of different shapes of Italian pastas and I think anybody perhaps would enjoy an easy and homey meal back home. When you are in Modena or Bologna, it makes sense to try freshly made tortellini. For me, I ate something differently in Modena. I bought tortelloni, stuffed with ricotta cheese from Mercato Albinelli back and I cooked for myself the next day. There is a battle between Bologna and Modena for the origin of tortellini ( see above photo), but we are here to enjoy. I wish I could make this egg pasta from scratch one day. (please bear with me until I get a pasta machine!). I prefer a larger version of tortellini, called tortelloni (see below photo). Sometimes tortelloni reminds me to a lovely wonton soup in Hong Kong.Back to my magical tortelloni, a generous sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano sent me directly to heaven. Buon appetito! Aroi Aroi 😉


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