Middle of Nowhere in Stockholm

This post is dedicated to my walking experience in the middle of nowhere in Stockholm! How could that be! It could be when you don’t prepare well and let it flow. I will begin to post about Stockholm from my last day instead of my first day as my brain works this way. Well, I asked a friendly staff of Stockholm Tourist Center about an easy way to reach Stockholm Silja Line terminal. Then, I got a bus ticket which she said I could catch the bus from nearby Scandic Anglais.  It should be easy, but I got off the bus before I should. Yes, who knows. Then, walking in the middle of nowhere began. It was so long trip , until I found some clues to the terminal on the way.

I asked some people along the way and they were very helpful for informing the direction. I opted for walking and I did not have a map. Don’t laugh! If I have any chance to explore Stockholm again in any summer or winter, I would look for a T (tunnelbana) and check SL to have an efficient and pleasant journey. It does not mean that walking in the middle of nowhere is terrible. I felt very excited and I was so alert ( at all time) as I had no clue where I was and I even did not know when I could reach the destination. Praying and walking! I let it flow that way. It was a beauty of this journey. According to SL’s website, you cannot purchase a ticket onboard so let’s be prepared and be responsible for yourself. You could be happy to also check  ResRobot.

Gärdet metro station is the answer for this long journey. The Swedish capital is as efficient as its people, but you need only to be fully awake yourself and be prepared to embrace.

How to reach Stockholm Silja Line Terminal ( Stockholm to Helsinki route)

a map from http://www.tallinksilja.com

How lucky that finally I could found SILJA LINE ‘s signage! It meant a lot. Yes, it was really great to reach Silja Line Terminal before 5 pm. I knew I would arrive Helsinki the next day at 9.55 am. Check out the timetables from here.

Enjoy the chilly view in your summer time!


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