MODENA in fiore

When you  think of Modena, you may encounter her with the words “arte – gastronomia – motori” in Italian. It was a surprise to embrace also with fiore or flower in Modena on March 19, 201( Saturday). Today I will guide you through my photographs to a lovely town with flowers and more. Again, you could see MODENA in fiore as what I saw, but only a glimpse of them. I took almost 300-400 photos a day as a medicine. I even took many photos of my orange juices before drinking. Crazy me! I will have collections of orange juice / coffee in my later posts. Of course, some Italians may not understand why I need to take the simple orange juice in different angles. The world needs more crazy people. For you guys, it is nothing, but for me it is  Arancia Rossa di Sicilia (Red Orange of Sicily). Ok, let’s have a look at MODENA in fiore!

More information about MODENA in fiore :


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