Melegnano’s Sunday market & more

Fancy a short trip from Milan! Melegnano maybe a secret charm for your Sunday’s strolling. It was a raining Sunday on the last week of February 2011 at Melegnano, a small town located about 16 km southeast of Milan . I still remember how fast we could reach Melegnano by a train. It was a real short trip from Milano and it was perhaps a chess competition which led us a chance to see Melegnano together. Grazie Anania e Marzia. Viva il gioco degli scacchi!

We had lovely lunch at Osteria del Portone. My friends recommended one of Veneto delicacies called “risi e bisi” (in Italian riso e fagioli = rice and beans). It was so comforting meal. I’d love to come back also for a drink and more at the aperitivo time after reading the review of Osteria del Portone in Italian! ( Yes, I can read via google translation ;-).


Osteria del Portone


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