Me & Objekt 2011

I called it as Goldfish bowl project (sorry about that) in Tallinn, Estonia. What do you feel when people see you as a goldfish?  It is a kind of experiment and experience. Who is actually a goldfish here?  You never know!  But for sure, it is a miracle to be in summer in the winter time. It is funny, but creative. I love it!


There were about 400 creative Estonian artists taking turns to experience summer during February 27 – March 20,2011 in the installation art called ” Object no. 2011″. An Estonian writer may write what he feels in summer alone in the winter time and being watched by others. A ballet dancer did some practice in a summer sphere . An actress read the script and smiled. An architect may think about the new way of using solar energy. Who knows!

Most visitors came to have a closer look whether what was actually inside (a human-being or a robot).  At first, I thought it was a robot. But later, I realized when she started moving her body. There was no sign explaining what “OBJEKT 2011” was. But there was a screen featuring a name and occupation of each person. Summer in 1 hour time! I wonder what “Berk Vaher, an Estonian writer” would write about his experience. Would he consider us as a group of goldfish? During Soviet times, some topics may not be possible in Estonian literature. Freedom Square (Estonian: Vabaduse väljak) is a perfect location to inspire Estonian artists and more. Impossible is nothing. ( not only adidas)



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