Me & KUMU Art Museum walking marathon

I told you earlier that I walked a lot from KUMU to Tallinn’s Old Town.  I love KUMU a lot. A small country like Estonia has the impressive modern architecture. You don’t need to be big , but just don’t be clumsy when it comes to the design statement of your country. I am very impressed with Estonia and its approach to the world.

After embracing Estonian’s art and history, I was thinking of the way to go back. I reached KUMU by a taxi as KUMU, Art Museum of Estonia is situated on the limestone hillside between the Kadriorg Park and Lasnamäe district. For me, it is in the middle of nowhere.KUMU uphillI went uphill to check the location and I found a bus stop at KUMU. However, I didn’t want to get lost (again). I have decided to walk back instead. First, I was looking for a taxi or somebody to ask. There were only some tourists around so I kept walking and enjoying the freezing sun. ( It was sunny, but it was -1 or -2 celcius in March).Finally, I met a young guy whom I could ask where to catch a taxi as it seemed nobody was there. There is no doubt about this situation because Tallinn has the population of 413,290 and it’s the capital and largest city of Estonia ( This guy recommended me that I should continue walking as it was still within a walking distance to Tallinn’s Old Town. Yes, but it was very slippery a long the way. Keeping balance was a keyword.

I miss Thailand for its tuk tuk and motorcycle taxi!  Just take me out of here…It is better for ice skating here, not walking marathon.

Finally, I reached the Freedom Square at Tallinn’s Old Town and I quickly checked who was in the clear sphere..”my goldfish bowl project” ( Objekt 2011). I love it! I saw different style of buildings when walking back while keeping my balance!  At the end, I must admit that I fell down once at the intersection where there were so many people on the road…Tallinn, I really love you.  It would be better if I have the below information on hand.

living animals

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