Me & Almond sellers in Tallinn

In Tallinn, you can’t miss almond sellers in Medieval costumes.

From my observation, there are 2 brands of Almond sellers in Tallinn. The first one is “Gourmet Monk” as you can see the ladies in red and the other one maybe called “Olde Hansa”. I got one leaflet from a young almond seller and I was impressed with the following information and the overall experience of sweet almonds of Olde Hansa.

 Valuable almonds which have reached Tallinn on the vessels of Hanseatic merchants are roasted with fine sugar and expensive spices. Sweet almonds are not just tasty delicacy but – as the well-known cook Bartolomeo Sacchi said : Dried almonds keep one from getting drunk if you eat five pieces of them. The frying oil of almonds nourishes the weak and tired. Sweet almonds are eaten as mixed or separately with second or third course.” ( 1470)

For me, I love to take the portrait photos so much. However, I don’t have the zoom lens so the only way I could take portrait photos in Tallinn was to make friends with almond sellers. They were very friendly and co-operative. And I got delicious almonds home. Deal!




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